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I have spent the last decade working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer in Saint John, New Brunswick. My work experience began at around eight years old when my uncle let me borrow his vintage, over-the-shoulder VHS camcorder. I was hooked. 


Since then my work has progressed from making videos of myself disappearing in the livingroom to creating skateboard videos with my friends to shooting and producing video content for nationwide companies and agencies. Currently, I work full-time as a freelance filmmaker and photographer for clients based throughout all of Canada. The types of projects I work on vary in style and scope, but the majority are web-based promotional videos (you can view examples below). 


When I'm not drinking coffee, reading, or enjoying some playtime with my sweet daughter Josephine Zovi, I also shoot weddings with my wife, Judith, over at Jordan & Judith Photo/Film

"How much does a video cost?"

That is a question that I get asked often and it does not have a simple answer. A comparable question would be, "How much does a vehicle cost?" Well, the answer depends on a number of variables: Who is it for? How do you want it to look? How many people does it need to carry? Does it just need to get you from point A to point B, or does it need to drive over big rocks? Does it need to win in a race? In a similar way, the cost of a video will largely vary depending on its purpose. 

Although every project is different, every project still involves the same three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Each of these parts plays an important role in determining whether or not the video reaches its intended goals. For example, a lack of pre-production (planning) on the front end can lead to unwanted challenges in the production (shooting) stage. Or cutting corners in the shooting stage can lead to problems in the post-production (editing) stage. In other words, each stage impacts the other. 

So to determine the cost of a project, all three stages need to be carefully considered. For this reason, I usually like to get together over coffee or chat on the phone to discuss what you are looking for in as much detail as possible. Following that initial conversation, I can then think about the time and resources required to create your video and come up with a quote for the project. 


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